What I enjoyed in Melbourne Design Week

Melbourne Design Week took place in various parts of Melbourne especially in the Arts precinct and CBD from 15 to 25 March. I found it such a wonderful opportunity to get out there and experience something new. Here are three events that I attended and enjoyed the most:

1.Heritage and Good Design panel discussion


This panel discussion focused on the architectural heritage conservation and their values. Panels included Stuart MacIntyre, Jill Garner, Philip Goad and Peter Lovell, who are well known for their great contribution towards the conservation and understanding of key architectural heritage buildings in Victoria. Hearing them talk about their own favourite heritage buildings was such a luxury, and the discussion about the controversy around façadism – whether façades of old buildings with little historical and social significance should be kept or not, and whether preserving façade can really mean anything without any space behind of it – was very interesting. It was nice listening to the inside stories, especially about the conflicts between historians, architects and developers in the cases of renovating or demolishing the heritage buildings.

2. New Architects Melbourne


This event was something I always wanted to attend so it was great to be able to have a chance. New Architects Melbourne provides an opportunity for new architectural and design practices to talk about their projects, concepts and beliefs that drive their passion. There was a wide variety of practices in fields of graphic design, residential housing, public facilities and landscape architecture. It was very enjoyable to see different styles of presentation and to get to know people who are thriving as small design firms.

3. Open State – Melbourne Central Unlocked

IMG_5539Presented by Open House Melbourne, this tour has been one of the popular architectural tours and so I was very excited that I could get the ticket to attend the tour. I learnt a lot about the history of the Shot Tower (the old brick building under the glass cone) and Melbourne city. For example, Melbourne Central had a Japanese department store when it was first built (which was a great surprise to me), and Melbourne Central has been refurbished almost every 15 years to keep its stylish and fashionable style. I also had the opportunity to go up to the roof of the Melbourne Central building where the glass cone is situated. It was such a unique experience as I was standing next to the cone and looking down the city.


Right under the cone, I was so fascinated by the structural members of the cone that I can’t observe closely from the ground level of Melbourne Central. I highly recommend attending this tour if you get a chance!

Although this year’s Melbourne Design Week has finished a week ago, there are so many design-related events for everyone happening around Melbourne throughout the year. At the same time I look forward to taking a part in the next year’s Design Week, I’ll keep exploring different events! 🙂

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