Last updated: 8 Oct 2021


Hi I’m Saran, I’m a Master of Architecture student at the University of Melbourne (2021-).

My primary interest is architecture, arts and design, however I’m always open for new hobbies, books and experiences. The focus of my current study is phenomenology and the regionalist approach in architecture, as well as the landscape heritage in Melbourne.

I’ve been tutoring undergraduate subjects (design studios and environmental building systems) at the University of Melbourne for last two years, and I have three years of experience working as a Student of Architecture.

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Originally from Japan, I commenced studying in Melbourne, Australia in 2011 as a year 7 student, and it’s been 10 years living in Melbourne. As you can tell from the earlier blog posts (2012-) I was just starting to learn how to communicate in English – although I’ve received kind emails pointing out grammatical errors, I’ve decided to retain them as evidences of the development of my language competency. Please read them as if you’re reading words a 5-year old child is trying her best to write.