Air of Summer


Another artwork I created during this holiday incorporates papercut work with waxed newspaper, layered in order to create a depth to the artwork.

I found waxed paper fascinating, as coating materials with wax (I use candle wax) provides them interesting surface textures and tones of colours. Especially, I like using newspaper (including those glossy real estate magazines inside weekend newspaper) because waxing them gives a sense of nostalgia and cosiness.

The process of waxing newspaper begins from selecting the right pages. When paper soak wax, the images and texts on the opposite side become see-through. So imagining how it may look like when waxed beforehand is very important – the balance of colours, the juxtaposition of positive and negative spaces and the atmosphere formed by waxing.


For this artwork, I used orange and white candle wax on a page of the newspaper and crumpled it to produce white creases. I selected the page that has a warm colour scheme with the dominance of light brown/purple. These colours helped me represent a sense of reminiscence about childhood – being surrounded by tall sunflowers, feeling a sense of isolation in nature.


The white of the paper articulates the outline of the paper cut. I chose to depict motifs as positive space rather than as negative space (i.e. having the paper as the canvas) and supported them using thin nails.

If you are interested, please have a look here!


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