Selling handmade cards!


Until 31 January 2018, I am selling handmade paper-cut cards on Indiegogo website. This is a challenge I always wanted to try – and I thought this university holiday season is the good timing to give the first go. To be honest, I am not sure how many people may be interested in my works, but I am confident that only thing I can do is to prepare the campaign as much as possible and get out there for chances.

Although there is a choice of selling at a local craft market on weekends, I wanted to emphasise the meaning of personalising the card – since it is something given to a third person (unlike artworks), I like to consider and reflect onto the design the feelings and interests of the person who ordered my cards. That’s why I decided to launch the campaign on Indiegogo, where I can create cards after receiving orders.

So… could you do me a favour? I would really appreciate if you could click on the link and just have a look at the campaign page. If you are not interested in it, that’s totally fine! I’d really appreciate if you could share about the campaign on social media or with your friends and families. Thanks in advance!

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