Simple black papercut: process

Papercut work is often made of a black paper, as it gives the strong visual contrast against the white background. Instead of the white background, I sometimes use acrylic panels for framing, because it lifts up the outline of the work and provides the sense of atmosphere.

This time, I decided to create a work using both black paper and the acrylic panels. I bought 140gsm paper and the acrylic panels for A4 sized work from Muji.

#1 Drafting & tracing

#2 Overlaying draft on paper & start cutting from the complex section


#3 Cutting out the rough outline


#4 Adding details


#5 Cutting out the section with the detached parts (e.g. an eye)


#6 Trimming off the unnecessary sections


#7 Placing the work in between acrylic panels


I added some red washi paper as the focal point of the work. The advantage of this combination of black paper + acrylic panels is the beauty of shadows. The way work is presented can change how it interacts with surrounding space and it is perceived by viewers.

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