Walk to Melbourne Botanical Garden

Early in January, I went for a walk in Melbourne Botanical Garden with my camera. I love taking photographs of nature as I am fascinated by the beauty encompassed in the individual forms and textures of blossoms, leaves and their shadows. As a landscape architecture student, it is also a great opportunity to get to know more about plants including their names (which I really struggle to memorise).

CLICK ‘Moonfire’ dahlia to the Behance page!


The beautiful day provided me with the great lighting and flourishing flowers; I love the crispness of photographs that come from the brightness and the vividness of colours of plants.

I had been exploring the best way to publish photographs I took on the day (as they are large files, I didn’t think uploading on WordPress was technically feasible), and I decided to upload them on Behance (which I hadn’t been actively using & I should be uploading more work!).

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