Blurred world

A few weeks ago, my friend, Nadia, gave me a can of clear resin and a bottle of catalyst, which she was using for her artwork. As it was the first time for me to use resin as a material, I decided to explore different ways of the use of resin. I have attempted to cast objects inside the resin in a plastic cups / moulds, but the outcomes weren’t what I found interesting.


The idea of making a resin layer came up in my mind and so I made it using a plastic sandwich bag. After pouring in the resin solution, I squashed the bag to make creases, which would become surface texture of the resin. After the resin became cool solid, I took it out of the sandwich bag and held it up to the light. I saw a unique effect of the light scattering in various directions. The distorted image of the space inspired me to use it as a filter for taking photographs.

As pictures above show, the unevenness of the resin has transformed the view we see everyday into fragments of colours in random shapes (some pictures didn’t turn out well due to the influence of sunlight). Comparing two distinctive perspectives on the identical space emphasises the presence of the resin that is almost invisible.

I would like to thank Nadia for giving me an opportunity to play around with resin 🙂

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