glass artwork – making

Today I made the new glass artwork.

But, that artwork will be complete at tomorrow~friday.

This article is for introduce how to make the glass artwork and for myself to remember.

  1. bring the every stuffs for make artwork before start making.
  2. Find the small pieces of glass for my artwork from the boxes, cups.
  3. If want to cut the glass, use clear glasses.
  4. When cut, open the top part of cutter. Then push from bottom.(don’t cut from top!)
  5. When divide the glass, hold the both side by four fingers then hit the glass by top part of cutter. Take care to angle of the glass.
  6. In the oven(?), top part is very hot. bottom part is not very hot. Put in the glasses to best height. (glasses in top part will more melt than glasses in bottom part)

Today I put in the spoon between the clear glasses. I’m really looking for see my completed glass art!

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