The golden ratio 2 – in the life

I got many comments for a article ‘The golden ratio – beautiful designs’!

(I haven’t approve yet…sorry!!!)

I got comments like ‘want to know more things which using the golden ratio’…

Therefore I researched about golden ratio on the internet.

The golden ratio used in the nature, artworks, buildings…etc.

– In the nature

sunflower…arrangement of the seeds

nautilus…shape of the shell

– artworks, buildings

the Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci)…the length of face and body

‘Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji : Under the Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa”(Katsushika Hokusai)…ratio of waves

Sagrada Familia…The spirals are golden ratio.

the Venus of Milo…length between face to tiptoe, and between navel to tiptoe

a Arch of Triomphe in Paris…ratio of height and width

TheParthenon…ratio of height and width


Twitter new site design…ratio of left side and right side

Audrey Hepburn…Her face

When I researching, I found different ratio ‘Silver ratio’, which is 1:1.414. This is popular in the Japan. If I have time, I will research about ‘Silver ratio’!



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