Figure-Ground: explore the city from an archi student’s point of view

After I finished reading a book 日本の都市空間 (Nihon no Toshi Ku-kan, the Urban Space in Japan) that Richard recommended me, I found myself thinking why some places give a sense of comfort while others don’t. As much as I enjoy learning and visiting architecturally designed buildings, I like to spend time thinking about the space between buildings.

Melbourne is such a great city to explore the spaces between buildings. Numerous ongoing urban development within the city and the co-existence of the old and new buildings spontaneously transform the ground condition to be more interesting.

We welcome hundreds and thousands of tourists and visitors who come here to see what Melbourne is famous for. But as a local resident who is studying architecture, I always wanted to talk about spaces in Melbourne that is not necessarily beautiful or upfront. The unique characters of the city exist at places where you don’t expect.

So, I started making videos about those spaces. Basically, I’m adding voiceover to the walk from my point of view, so you can experience what it’s like to be there with me. I’m adding subtitles in English & Japanese so it’ll take a bit of time to publish each video, but I hope you enjoy watching!

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