Absolutely free VCE Visual Communication Design Resources for students

In the time of the disruption, some of the people who’re suffering the most are students who are missing out heaps of opportunities to get the most out of their education. Although I’m not a qualified VCE teacher, I thought I might make the resources for VCE Visual Communication Design available, so that current VCD students can access from anywhere.

To clarify, the resources are completely free, all the graphic materials were made by me (including images of drawings from folio). If you like the contents & want more of them, please follow me on Instagram & Facebook for further updates, and let me know what you want to know more about. I’m working on them slowly so apologies for the delay / any inconvenience…

Click here – VCE Visual Communication Design Resources to access!

You can also access it from the homepage of this website:

Special thanks to my teachers at high school & Jacinta for providing me with materials during my VCD years and uni placement!

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