Time for the New Work Gear

As I have reached the point where I felt there is a little ability to continue working with my current DSLR camera, I finally made a decision to purchase a new DSLR camera body.

I’ve been using Canon EOS Digital Kiss DS6041 (also known as EOS 300D), which I inherited from my father who was using it for his work a long time ago. This camera body was sold in the market in 2003-2004, and I had this camera body since when I was in (around) year 8 (so I’m using it for nearly 6 years).  Everything works perfectly fine, except the fact that the rubber material on its grip is getting deteriorated and the 3.7 x 2.7cm screen is too small to determine whether the image is blurred or not.

I have a strong attachment to my equipment for creative works, but as I was having a struggle with getting the photographs at the acceptable level of quality using this camera and finding the phone camera more functional than this one, I thought it was the right timing.

In terms of the brand, Canon was the only choice for me since I had a couple of Canon lens that I can still use on the new camera body. I considered the price, functionality and the product reviews, and I decided to buy Canon EOS 80D.


I really wanted to have the Vari-Angle VCD (the rotatable screen) that allows me to see the screen even if the camera is set at the difficult angles (such as when taking photographs of the night sky). It is stable enough to mount my 28-300mm Tamron lens, and I simply love the shutter speed and the shutter sound that makes taking photographs fun and exciting.


I went to a camera store and tried the sample, tried putting my lens on to make sure that they fit on EOS 80D body, and looked the discounted options online. Now, I have it with me, and I really can’t wait taking it outside and use it for my creative works!


Old and New – a Compact flash card for EOS Kiss Digital and an SD card for EOS 80D.

Thanks a lot, EOS Kiss Digital, and hello EOS 80D! 🙂

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