Plastic project

The Plastic project was begun as a part of the SoJuSt (Social Justice and Stewardship) Week from 16th to 20th May. The whole purpose of this project was to inform the school community the amount of plastic products we use in everyday life, to raise the awareness of the importance of recycling, and to encourage them to get involved in SoJuSt week activities. The project required a detailed and step-by-step organisation that took 3 -4 weeks in prior to the installation.

Term 1 – beginning of term 2

When I was writing a proposal, I have researched about the marine pollution by plastic debris and its influence on marine animals. Many images of plastic fragments floating on the surface of ocean inspired me to create an installation artwork that positions the audience to look up and feel like being animals in the polluted sea. After the discussion with the deputy principal my proposal had been approved by school and the maintenance request was made for the installation of the artwork.


I went to Bunnings and other stores to get a chicken wire and fishing line. The chicken wire had to be light and it didn’t need to be fine, so I bought 90cm x 10m one that had large hexagonal outlines.


The project was officially launched by the announcement in the college assembly. A collection box and signs were located outside of the library.


IMG_0748After school I collected two large bags of plastic materials including water/juice bottles and milk bottles from a recycling bin near school canteen. I thought rather than waiting for people to put materials in the box, actively looking into recycling bins and cleaning any diety ones would be a better idea.


I made holes on materials collected yesterday, with a small pin. I found more materials in the box, varying in colours and scale.

As I kept collecting plastic materials, I made holes on them and stored them in a room. As I wasn’t sure how many materials were actually needed, I was worried that the amount of plastics might not be enough.


I trimmed the chicken wire into 6m piece to fit in the available space for the artwork. I also cut the fishing line into bunches (40 per a bunch) with lengths 40cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm. So I prepared total 200 pieces of string for plastic materials.


From 2pm (beginning of period 4), I started assembling the artwork in front of the Staff Lounge. With many helpers, I unfolded the chicken wire, tied fishing line on each plastic material then attached them on the chicken wire. We completed putting together at 5pm, having a sense of satisfaction and relief that the artwork would be done very soon.


In the early morning, the maintenance staff, a number of helpers and I attached the artwork on pipes parallel to the ceiling. Some of fishing lines were tangled so we spent time untangling them. From 8:25am the staff briefing was being held and so I had an opportunity to present and describe about my artwork.

I am very thankful of those who supported the production of this artwork through giving me feedback on the artwork design and on the proposal, donating plastic materials, or helping me assemble the artwork. I was very happy that one of my friends commented on the artwork: 

It’s there as a representation of what all of the litter is doing to the marine life I believe. It’s an art piece by Saran Kim.

This is cool, if it bothers us this much after 24 hours, I am sure we could just imagine how the marine life is being effected by this every single day by careless acts.

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  1. Ah. . . I mustn’t have read this entry but I definitely walked through the sea of plastic last time I was at the school. And I did wonder who was the creative genius behind the idea. It was very effective. I should have known it was you.
    If I ever need anything designed I know just who to go to!


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