Life Drawing Workshop

In my school, I am having the Life Drawing Workshop after school. It is mainly for year 11 and 12 students who are studying VCE Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design or/and Product Design & Technology. I am in year 10 but I am doing higher study of Studio Arts so I was fortunately allowed to participate in this workshop.

In Life Drawing Workshop, I am learning the drawing techniques with a number of different mediums such as black pencils (2B, 4B and 6B), colour pencils, charcoal (pencil and stick), colour ink, with various materials such as white/black/coloured drawing paper, news paper, masking tape,layered paper, etc.

One of my favourite medium is 4B black pencil taped on the end of painting brush (about 25cm). When I draw, I stand up and put the paper (attached on the board)  on the table and move my left hand off the paper. When I use this technique, controlling the pressure by my right arm becomes very important to draw an object as how I want to draw.

I learnt a number of important factors for drawing: balance, depth, focus of object, use of colour, shading, hardness and thickness of medium, size, use of paper, placement of drawing on paper, etc.

I will upload the pictures of drawing if I could draw the one I like.

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