The Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest @ University of Melbourne

As a member of team, I participated the Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest at University of Melbourne, School of Engineering. The spaghetti machine is a complex machine that achieves a simple task.

The theme of this year was ‘Wake me up machine’. This year was the first year for my school to participate in this contest so we were very worried. We had to transfer the whole machine (all fixed together )by a small bus and so we struggled to fit it in the bus. Our machine didn’t take the long time to be set up so that gave us more time to check and improve the details of machine. We had been given two opportunities to run the machine in front of judges. At first run, one part of machine didn’t work. It was an unexpected happening because this error never had happened before. We could fix it for second run, and it worked perfectly. In the end of contest, my team and another cool team from other school were presented as champions! (the machines were judged by points so both teams had 19.5). It was a wonderful time for me to see the interesting machines created by students around Melbourne.

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