Bizen-yaki (備前焼) is a type of Japanese pottery that is named from a city called “Bizen-shi (備前市)”. It has the dark brown surface. This colour is comes from the soils which have iron, such as the soil under the rice fields, black soil.

Bizen-yaki has a lot of colour variations and patterns.

For example:

  • Goma… A pattern made by the ash of the wood sticks on the pottery in the kiln.
  • Hidasuki… A pattern that has red lines with a white (creme colour) surface. People wind straw around the pottery and bake it far from the fire.

I had the experience of making my own Bizen-yaki last year and those potteries were sent to my house. I loved the colours and its texture. I want to say thank you to the family who invited me (my family) to make Bizen-yaki.

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