Colour meanings

Today I read an article about the meaning of colours.

” Colour is the first thing that others notice and recall. But although we react to colour, understanding its use and meaning is not instinctive.”

” Colour can be learnt and it is an easy way to convey a message to the world and to create an impression.” 

Pg.26 June 14 2013, The Age Business Day ‘Blue or red knot always the best tie options’

The article explains each colour’s meaning and how to use each colour for ties and shirts.

(Here are some examples best suited to men)

Colours’ meanings and the situations to wear

  • Blue: Conveys trust, calm, peace, dependability, but also cold, predictable, conservative.

     Wear it to establish trust and credibility.

  • Red: Conveys power, energy, strength, assertiveness, but also threatening, aggressive, stressful, danger.

     Wear it to be noticed and appear authoritative.

  • Yellow: Conveys cheer, creativity, optimism, energy, friendliness, but also impulsiveness.

Wear it to appear friendly, approachable.

  • Green: Conveys confidence, reassurance, restfulness, but also envy, stubbornness.

Wear it to show dependability.

  • Orange: Conveys vibrancy, creativity, but also egocentricity, dominance.

  Wear it to show enthusiasm and energy.

  • Violet: Conveys peace, spirituality, regality.

         Wear it to appear calm and in control.

  • Pink: Conveys youth, happiness, thoughtfulness, but also weakness, immaturity.

      Wear it to show compassion and understanding.

  • Brown: Conveys stability, security, comfort, but also boringness, stubbornness.

Wear it to show stability, dependability.

  • Grey: Conveys wisdom, efficiency, but also insecurity, indecision.

      Wear it to show confidence and efficiency.

Example situations:

  • A blue shirt with a tie that has yellow: approachable, trustworthy and friendly
  • Pink or lilac tones: intuitive and understands women (when men wear it)
  • shades of charcoal and navy: for corporate men
  • Black: common colour in business but it should be avoided in the areas of law and finance
  • Charcoal to dark grey and dark navy: universal colours that suit everyone

The article is showing that the colours are able to change the impression you give. I thought this can be used in art. The different colours in the artwork give the different impression to us, so I can pick the colours that are able to express my thoughts.

I wonder if different cultures give different meanings to colours. I understand that in China, the colour white is used when mourning. In Australia and Japan, many people wear black clothes. I thought different cultures have different reasons for giving these meanings to colours. I am very interested in the meaning of colours explained in this article.

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