melted plastic

Yesterday, I got the plastic cover when I bought a small tripod. I thought I can make something by that plastic, therefore I tried to heat by toaster oven, I prepared a thick book, cotton gloves, aluminum foil (about 20cm ×25cm) and a scissor.

melted plastic1

<First Experiment> – triangles

  1. Cut out the pieces of  triangle. (about 8?)
  2. Put the pieces onto the aluminum foil. Pile up like mountain.
  3. Heat the pieces in the toaster oven. Put out the pieces when those melted and stuck together.
  4. Cool down the pieces between the pages of book.

melted plastic2

The plastic pieces change their shapes very quickly. I had to check shapes when using that toaster oven.

melted plastic3

The triangle pieces which heat has conducted became to white, and most of the pieces stuck together.

Some parts of the triangle didn’t become to white, which is bottom and middle.(I don’t know why top triangle didn’t change to white)

melted plastic4

<Second Experiment> – bending and cuts

The steps from 2 are almost same. Put the piece on the aluminum foil, then start.

melted plastic5

The plastic changed that shape, and made the gaps which made from cuts. The half part became to white, and other part didn’t. This is very interesting. Probably difference is made by temperature in the toaster oven. (behind is more hot than front)

melted plastic7

<Third Experiment> – more bending and cuts

I made more thinner cuts on the top part. I thought it will collapse to the middle and become to small.

melted plastic11

…But it didn’t. It returned to the first shape which is straight.

melted plastic12

<Fourth Experiment> – the waves

I cut the plastic into small pieces that have a shape of wave. Both sides have long cuts. I piled up those pieces in different directions.

melted plastic13 melted plastic14 melted plastic15

Almost parts became to white! The waves made funny shapes.

melted plastic16

These experiments were very interesting and I exited. I want to try more complicated questions (like stick some other materials, draw the picture by different pens on the plastic) when I get the plastic again.

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