Crazy World

Now, I am staying in my home town. So I went to ‘Matsuyama Castle’ yesterday. I took many photos then edited into ‘crazy’ world.

Main tools were:

Smudge tool(top) – it spreads and mixes content of image areas.

Clone Stamp tool (middle) – it paints with a sampled pixels of an image.

Photo filter (bottom) – it can be used to warm up or cool down the overall colours in a photo.

スクリーンショット(2013-01-08 16.45.15)スクリーンショット(2013-01-08 16.45.37)スクリーンショット(2013-01-08 17.21.24)

Click to ->Photoshop Toolbox Reference (information of tools)

2 photos for each – a edited photo and a inedited photo

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