I used the pins for glass artworks.


Made 4 layers – base glass, confetti glass(new type of glass), pieces of colour glass, and a safety pin work.

I made 8 of pieces, and I was put those on bottom shelf.

This time, I used new glass called ‘confetti glass’,this was very thin and easy to break. every piece had different shapes.


These photos are after those pieces melted, and I collected from art room.

The surfaces of the safety pins are dull, so I needed to rub by steel wool.

This is the back of the glass. The confetti glass can see through.


These photos are after I rubbed the surface.

The surface became to very bright.

And I stuck the pin (on the back)  for pinned on to the clothes.

Next time, I try to fix the pieces of glass on the base glass to don’t move and drop from base glass.

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