End Of The Line Festival

Today I went to Belgrave for a look at a festival called “End Of The Line festival”. – Click here

I started look from No.12, and walked around the town.

First I impressed to the posters on the rubbish bins. Those posters were printed the pictures of each artwork at middle. I thought that is great idea than the poster of just informations and logos. Some of the posters had QR code, and those posters excited me to look on the internet (but I don’t have phone, so I couldn’t see…).

I saw photographs, paintings,  printings, etc. And I listened musics.  In marketplace, Many people were selling their handmade products.

I met to many people who drawing, creating the artworks today. They didn’t care about audiences around them, and I thought they warmed up the festival on today.

Today was very hot day, but lot of people came to festival. The streets were alive with people. I think this festival was good event for Belgrave and people who living around Belgrave – end of the line. I am happy because I could see many artists’ artworks in a festival, in Belgrave.


    1. Hello, Daniel
      Thank you for giving me a comment.
      I think you can start showing your artwork to the people around you. What I did was show my artwork to my family and after that, I started my blog at my art teacher’s suggestion. The best thing is to get the feedback or comment from the people who saw the artwork.
      I hope it helps you.
      All the best 🙂


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