NEW ANIMATION! “A Black Bunny”

I introduce my new animation called ‘A Black Bunny’.

This is the experiment artwork – to find out how can I combine the animation and stop motion together. Main character, a black bunny is animation, and other character & background are stop motion. I started making the animation from final week of the september, so I took about 3 weeks to complete…! I used Live2D modeler & animator to make a animation, then I used iMovie, After Effects to edit and make effects of animation. I also used Garageband and MuseScore to create the song for animation. This was my first time to use the Live2D modeler & animator, and AE (After Effects), so I took long time to edit on it. I had many errors in the steps, so I tried to solve each errors by myself and it made stress for myself 😦 My English is not good, so I corrected characters’ lines with house mother. I want to say thank you to them.

I want to have comments or advices to make more good animation 🙂

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