New stop motion animation – coming soon!

I’m making a new stop motion animation from term 3 holiday, and I haven’t finish yet!!!!

To make this stop motion animation, I’m challenged to combine the ‘stop motion’ and ‘animation’. I have finished this step in the holiday.

Now, I challenging to create the music for this stop motion animation….It takes time!

These are screen shots of the making:

Live2D Modeler, Live2D animator:

I made the animation and models by these softwares.

I could find the tutorials of these softwares, so I wasn’t very worry to make the animation.

After Effects: This is my first time to use the ‘After Effects’. This software is very complicating…(I downloaded the trial version)

iMovie: I used this software for connect the scenes of the movie.

Garageband & MuseScore: Now I am on this step, which is composition.

This movie is about 5 minutes (wow!)therefore I need to write the long long song. I have done a song about 60 bars, I have left of 100 bars X(

This movie’s main character is a black bunny. This bunny is animation, and other characters, backgrounds are stop motion.This bunny is very mysterious and you will wander name of bunny…

I will finish this movie on this month, and I will upload soon!!!!

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