community and service

In school, year 7 to 10 must do community and service (like volunteer, clean up) about 6 hours.

I knew some nearby primary school teaching the Japanese so I thought I can help the teaching by some materials (because Japanese is my first language).

I making the ‘Hiragana(like alphabet of Japanese)’ table. ‘Hiragana’ has 46 characters, so I drew 46 pictures of each word that containing the ‘Hiragana’.


あ あめ – rain

い いえ – house

う うた – song

え えいご – English

お おか – hill

It was so hard work…. I never draw about 50 pictures in one day!!

That table is nearly finish making. I just need to arrange on a document 🙂


  1. What a great idea. It looks fabulous; colorful and appealing. It would be great if you could go to the primary school and talk to them in Japanese too.


    1. Hello, I’m really really sorry for not replying your comment for such a long time! Your comment made me delighted that my work is actually helping to learn Japanese 😀 Thank you so much for using it.


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