Food Fight – interested animation

When I watched the some videos on YouTube, I found interesting video called “Food Fight”.

It animation express the countries by famous foods in the world. For example, America is fried potato and hamburger, France is croissant, Japan is sushi.

Foods fighting by parts of the food. They crush, blow, crumble each other with voices of people yelling and killing. This animation is along the histories of wars/fights. Like, shows the main objects (e.g. towers of 9.11), time (e.g. express the night by dark colour).

Last part of the animation, ants taking the remnants of food. After ants take, there is just the blood (tomato sauce, etc), and we can know what this animation wants to tell us. They wants to tell us about war/fight just kill people and the blood remain in there.


  1. Very interesting. I hadn’t thought of the significance of the particular types of foods until you pointed it out. I liked the ‘refuelling’ of the burgers etc. And do you think the two very tall hamburgers towards the end represents the twin towers of 9/11?


    1. Thank you for comments.
      Yeah, I think two tall hamburgers represents the twin towers of 9/11.
      Every fight (war) have the features, those numbers remind us the how many fight we did in the past….


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