Resolution of presentation

What & why

Resolution of presentation is the display of the final visual communications. It should showcase your work and how they successfully respond to the brief.

Show off your work through images!

The only way the viewer can see you 3D work on your folio is through your photographs. This is why it’s so important to take good shots of your work to include at the very last pages of the presentation 1 & 2 of your folio.

Make sure that you take photographs at high resolutions. Take multiple of a similar angle, just in case some might be slightly blurred.

If you have a tripod, it might be good to set 1 – 3 second/s timer, but please do play with settings & cameras to get the best outcome you want.

Once you finish taking pictures, have back up somewhere on your computer & external hard drive etc.

When you put images in your folio, don’t forget to label what each image is showing when necessary. Show as many images as you want to show different aspects of your final visual communication. For example, if you have a 3D physical item / model, take images from different directions.