One minute late but that’s okay

Although it’s not always comfortable to look back and see my own progress, I found taking a moment to reflect on a year as important as setting goals for the future.

This year I’ve return to the University of Melbourne to commence Master of Architecture. Compared to when I was completing the Bachelor’s degree, I had more specific ideas on things I enjoy learning about, people I particularly admire and strive to be like, and what I need to do to attract future opportunities.

These thoughts helped me select subjects that taught me what I wanted to learn. Not did I only enjoy them, but they also challenged my preconceptions and kept reminding me what I don’t know about – discovering the unknown is hard but satisfying. Similarly, getting lost in thoughts is the most confusing but delightful thing.

As another lockdown consumed semester 2 completely, I finally got to experience what it’s like to study everything online. Although I was still lucky that all the subjects were designed with online teaching in mind, I missed the constructive discussions with a pen and paper, site visits, and model making. The biggest challenge was not about contents or assessments, but the inability to interact with other friends without tutors’ presence (nothing wrong with having tutors, but it’s tricky not to feel like you’re seeking confirmation… Sometimes you just need time to play and let ideas go with friends). I guess there are things I cannot control, and if that’s the case, so be it.

There were opportunities that came out of simply doing my best – regardless of marks or results of assignments. I cannot thank enough those who saw something in my work and openheartedly offered their time.

This year (2021) I managed to squeeze in 1 and 1/4 year worth of credits so that I have more time to spend on key projects and works in 2022. I cannot foresee what is waiting for me next year, but I can only set myself a path to follow, and keep putting a foot in front of the other.

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