STEM x Design Presentation at Year 7 assembly

Dr Zara Dennis, my science teacher from high school, contacted me in late April this year regarding an opportunity to talk about STEM and design to Year 7/8 cohorts at Lauriston Girls’ School. Over 3 & 1/2 months, we discussed possibilities, and she secured the time for a 30-minute presentation during Year 7 Assembly – which was on today.

Having year 7 students as the main audience was very exciting as it allowed me to back track what I had done over last 10 years of schooling and extract projects from folders and folders of contents on my hard drive. It was certainly different from presenting my works in the design studio at the university – different language, different contents and structure. I hope students enjoyed it and now they have a broader perspective on STEM.

I’d like to thank Zara and all the teachers involved in the organisation of today’s assembly, for inviting me to speak to their students today.

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