Bookbinding – commissioned work

I had a great pleasure of working on the bookbinding project which was commissioned for the final fashion portfolio.

The project consisted of binding five parts with different paper sizes separately with saddle stitch binding with threads, and them binding all parts together.

Started working on it with making holes alongside the spine of the paper. I made a template using a grid paper to make sure that all parts have holes at the same positions.

Using threads for the saddle stitch binding means it is more durable and pages are less likely to come off.

After binding each of five parts, I worked on tieing all parts together by passing a thread through a hole, going under the existing seam and passing it through the same hole to the external surface of the spine. I repeated the process over 70 times to get the thread to cover the entire length of the A4 folio (each seam is 20mm long).

While it was a new challenge for me to explore the suitable binding method for this unique folio, I was glad that my client liked the final outcome; I really appreciate that she gave me an opportunity to work on her final portfolio!

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