Display of this year’s projects

The final year of high school is almost done (a couple more exams to go!), yet I still feel strange to accept that I won’t be meeting my friends and teachers in a few weeks.

During my spare time in the midst of exam season last week, I prepared the display of my design projects for Arts & Tech Festival, which was held last Friday. Here are pictures of my display:

I chose warm colour scheme for the decoration of background since it was the colour scheme I chose for my folio in VCE Visual Communication Design. Six panels show the technical drawings of the Art Museum architectural building I designed, and one panel shows the brand identity of the museum. The object at bottom right is the 1:200 model of the building, and at bottom centre is the membership package for museum members. The model on left bottom was created for a separate task in semester 1.

(Also the object on left bottom is my folio :)) )

These are close-up images of my final presentations – membership package, membership brochure, a calico bag with the museum logo screen-printed, and the architectural building model.

Although individual final products were designed to be complete by themselves, the overall representation of final products required me to consider the underlying style and atmosphere shown throughout the final designs. It was just like curation of artworks, where you have to contemplate the relationship between works and ideas presented formed by composition within the exhibition space. The geometric shapes and linear linework I made on the backboard of the display have been the theme of folio project, and therefore reflecting the cohesiveness of the work I produced.

I was very lucky that I was given choices for the location of my display and a large space only to show my works. I believe that my works do not only indicate what I have achieved this year, but also the support and kindness of my teachers, friends and professional printers that encouraged me to push my boundaries, to reach something I dreamt of in past 5 years when I was looking up past year 12s’ design folios.

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