Life drawing workshop 



From this week, the annual Life Drawing workshop has begun at my school. It is a great opportunity for visual art / design / textile students to learn drawing human figures and to produce works for the portfolio. For me, this workshop is for exploring different drawing techniques, mediums and materials as well as for building my folio for possible university entry interviews in the end of the year. What makes this workshop special is the availability of spotlight, equipment and a professional model, and the inspiration I can acquire from other students’ works.In the first session, we started with loosening the wrist and the arm through 3 minutes quick sketches with a 4B pencil. Then we explored the use of coloured pencils – light, medium and dark colour – on coloured paper to represent the tone on the figure.


My favourite one was to draw circles with a container lids or bottles to create boundaries on a paper. First, we drew sections of the human figure within three circles located on top, middle and bottom. Although the space allowed to draw was small, understanding the special relationship between the space on the paper and proportion of the figure was difficult. On the another paper, this time we drew outside of circles, and then drew inside of circles with negative tone (shaded sections are drawn as highlighted sections). These twists in drawing process make the outcome quite whimsical and unique.


My art teacher has informed the group that we would be drawing on old books (ones from op shops). I love this workshop as it gives different dimensions to the field of drawing, and it inspires me every time.

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