International Women’s Day video


I took a voice recorder, a tripod and a video camera to the school and we spent three days running around the school to make an appointment with people, asking them to dance or sing. We had utilised before school, recess, lunchtime, after school and free periods to film as many people as possible.

At the beginning Molly and I were slightly stressed out because we weren’t sure how many people are actually interested in getting involved in the production of video. However, at the end of the day, we had approximately 40 video clips with recordings, which were a plenty for a 4-minute video. I spent most of Saturday and a bit of Sunday to edit videos and recordings to make one united video clip. For chorus sections, I made more than 10 sound tracks to overlap participants’ vocals to give a sense of community and a depth to the sound. Although it was not an easy task, I enjoyed filming participants, editing videos and sharing it with Molly and other teachers in prior to the presentation (every time I watch it during editing, I couldn’t stop laughing!!).

The finalised video was  presented in the senior assembly on 8 March, which I believe was a successful and it was a fun time for many students and teachers (at least for me, yes). I was surprised with a huge response from the school community, including teachers and students, but also on Facebook. I felt very happy that it elicited many people to feel happy and be proud of their teachers and friends in the community. As a college captain and a creator, I felt a sense of accomplishment that through the form of media, I could convey a meaningful idea to the audience and I could celebrate who we are as a community.