Artworks exhibited in VCE Creative Showcase

From last Friday (5 Feb 2016), two of my artworks created in VCE Studio Arts are displayed in Burrinja Gallery, (Upwey, VIC, Australia 3160) as a part of VCE Creative Showcase. End of last year, I was contacted from the community cultural development officer (responsible for selecting artworks) at Burrinja Gallery that my artworks were chosen for the Showcase. I was very happy as it would be a wonderful opportunity to present my artworks in the community.


My artworks are called “Nuclei” and “Cycle”. Nuclei is a response to the circumstance in Japan after Fukushima nuclear power plant accident in 2011. It reflects the environmental, social and geographical contexts of the issue through the use of natural materials, intricate papercuts and the fragments of postage stamps in shapes of towns. Cycle was created based on the idea of slight differences and changes in the our repetitive everyday life, in visual representation, forming a spiral. The screen prints on paper have the same patterns but they are not completely the same. Triangular paper figures are arranged to increase its dimension as they get closer to the edge of a foam panel.

Please have a look on Behance project – Nuclei and Cycle 🙂

It was very inspirational to see other young artists’ artworks. Experiencing the similar pressure of taking folio subjects made me feel so overwhelmed by the effort they have put in to create amazing artworks. Also, I enjoyed looking other artists’ folios as I could see their unique ways of exploring ideas and meanings linked with their themes.

My name is on a banner along with other emerging artists’.

VCE Creative Showcase will be on until 6 March (free entry), and I will really appreciate if you could visit the exhibition and meet various artworks.

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