New artwork with use of shadow and light

For the Street Art competition at the Hut Gallery, I created an artwork on canvas using photocopy paper and two types of LED lights.

As this competition was about Street art, I took the inspiration from the street at night, with the shining stars on the sky and shadows of objects created by cold street light. The use of two LED lights with white / yellow colour distinguished the sense of nature and the synthetic beauty. The gradual change of the intensity of triangular pyramids from right hand side to left hand side represents the broad expansion of  the modern city.

Fortunately, my artwork was selected as Commended in the exhibition, held at Hut Gallery from 13 September until 27 September 2015. Although the exhibition space was not the most suitable condition that could enhance the aesthetic quality of the illumination of artwork, the artwork was presented with the extra care and the effort to show the uniqueness of the artwork. I would like to thank Mrs. Keith Webb for supporting me with the transport of canvas and the artwork.

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