Installation for 70th anniversary after the Second World War

For me as a Japanese, this year’s August is vey important time. 70 years ago, two atomic bombs were dropped at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leading the Japanese government to announce the surrender. Since then, one thousand paper cranes, representing the prayer for the recovery from the illness, became the symbol of the peace.

As my response to the time to reflect on the history, I created the installation artwork on the wall of school building using green fluorescent duck tape. I used a video camera that has a function to project images, to project the drawing of a paper crane on the brick wall. I deliberately located the artwork where the section of the wall is uneven, in order to form a specific viewpoint that allows the image of the paper crane to be seen. I decided to leave the word ’70th’ next to the installation to suggest the meaning and the intention of installing this artwork.

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