Installation @ school

It is always exciting to have small surprises that add a spice to the ordinary school life.

In my school, my art teacher and his year 10 and 9 class students worked on ‘Masking tape bombs’. It was to make shapes of people with different poses on the corridor, stairs and hallways using white masking tape. The first reaction of every student was ‘what is it!?’.


People were confused why the shapes of people that remind of a crime scene or a murder was created. My first thought was the same, but as I get used to looking those shapes, I started to question in strange way; why do we think they are shapes of human? what do make me feel creepy? The past experience or visual facts we acquired from TV shows, films, and in actual crime scenes, that the outline of a person on the surface of ground or anything represents the position and posture of a victim of a murder, is linked to the shape created by masking tape in the school. If I think in a different way, that the masking tape outline is just forming an irregular circle with random angles, the whole context and the perspective on those installation works change.


As there was no description for the installation works (‘Masking tape bombs’), the interpretation of them could be anything and everything. On the end of a week, those masking tape shapes were gone. I am looking forward to see the new ‘bomb’! (or otherwise I will make something interesting!)

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