20,000 access! Yay!

I would like to thank all the visitors of this blog as the access counter reached 20,000!!! YAY!!!!

By the way, I apologise to you for the decreased frequency of posting the articles on this blog. I am in the middle of the most busy year in high school ever, submitting all art folio works for VCE. Therefore I am not sure whether uploading artworks from the folio work is accepted or not. Just in case I don’t get suspected of cutting and pasting photos and information from the internet (which is basically from this blog), I refrain from uploading about my artwork that are in the folio. I will try to maintain the pace of more than one article each month, but if I couldn’t upload anything in a month, please think that my brain has no capacity to think of the blog…

Huge thanks to everyone 🙂

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