Things I found interesting

I often find tiny things which may have no meanings, but could give me new ideas for artwork, or just excite me. They could be from the environment, the science lab, the kitchen, or anywhere.

I filmed this when I was making the vegetable chips (I filmed with my ipod touch so its quality and filming technique are really bad). By heating sliced lotus root with olive oil, the water evaporates and the air comes out of them. The randomness in the shape and scale of air bubbles coming out is connected to the contrast of still objects (sliced lotus root) and moving objects (air bubbles). The light in the oven helped me showing the existence and rapidity of air bubbles popping. The kitchen is a place to experiment and discover new chemical reactions which have aesthetic elements.

They are the photographs which I took in the science lab. Three of them are elephant’s toothpaste and other three photos are from the experiment of pH level. The common characteristic element is the colour of them. Each chemical has the distinctive colour which could be unusual in our natural environment. In the pH level experiment, all solutions were clear before I dropped the universal indicator. It was like revealing the true identity of each solution as they changed the colour. In the process of making elephant’s toothpaste, I noticed lines of which mixture of colours drew as chemical reaction happens. It was emitting heat during the reaction (exothermic), which I noticed as I attempt to feel it with sense of touch as well as the sense of sight.

Most of the time I find something which I didn’t know before, by observing the object. I took the photo of leaves and small white flowers when I was walking around the park. The way which flowers bloom on leaves surprised me its structure and use of area between leaves, by facing vertically to leaves (not all flowers are like that, but some of them were). The second photo was taken when the edge of a sheet of paper from a spiral notebook was cut off and placed on the desk. Its shadow would not be reproduced exactly the same, as its shape was distinctive from any other edges of sheets ripped off from spiral notebook. I love noticing those points of view which appeared in front of me accidentally. IMG_4328IMG_4370

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