Projection Mapping

Last night, I watched the fireworks of The Tall Ship Festival on the television. I thought the fireworks were beautiful, but I was interested in the projection Mapping on the Sydney opera house.

Projection Mapping is a new technique which uses CG made on a computer to project an image onto physical objects. “Mapping” means the projected CG image is in the shape of a physical object and is put on exactly the same part of the object as the image itself. If the projected image is not on the object correctly, the audience is pulled back to the real world from the fantastic world…

Tokyo Station Vision

The CG image is very clear and expresses the Tokyo station.

TV commercial : au Full Control / Real

The projected CG image , the things people do on their phones and the lightning of Tokyo Sky Tree are connected so they can share their feelings and excitements with others.

The 64th Sapporo Snow Festival : Project mapping on the Hoheikan large snow sculpture

The CG image is projected on the snow sculpture.

Project mapping can be used for night events, commercials, music videos and more!

I like this technique because it allows us to project on ordinary objects to make them attractive and exciting.

If I can, I would like to know the technique of Projection mapping for my work.

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