Making waxed paper

I made waxed paper during term 1 holiday.

I didn’t have proper wax so I used a candle.

  • An iron
  • A hammer
  • Half of a candle
  • About 2 or 3 days’ news paper
  • 2 or 3 sheets of baking paper (one to wrap the iron, one to lay under the paper and one to break up a candle)
  • The paper (or news paper, envelope, etc) which you want to wax
  • 3 or 4 paper towels
  1. Break the candle into fine particles or small pieces (wrap the candle in a sheet of baking paper  then wrap it in news paper. put it on the hard floor ((outside is better)) and smash with a hammer!)
  2. *Baking paper is very important when breaking up the candle because if you don’t use it, the ink on the news paper will stick on the pieces of candle. And that ink will stick on the paper ( I had black ink on the paper and it looked dirty.)
  3. Layer a few pages of the news paper and baking paper and then the paper which you want to wax (news paper at the bottom) on the bench.(To protect the bench)
  4. Put the pieces (or particles) of the candle on the paper. Wrap the iron in baking paper then melt the candle on the paper. *Be careful when working with melted wax!
  5. Spread melted wax on the paper, add more pieces of candle if it is not enough.
  6. After all of the paper are waxed, put the paper towel on the waxed paper to absorb extra wax using the iron.
  7. Dry the waxed paper.

I waxed a few pages of news paper and a page of white drawing paper and 4 used stamps.


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