My new artwork… part1


Now I making new artwork in art class.

This task is make art work about own theme. We can use any materials and any methods.

For example….


  • make doll’s dress by music score (friend’s artwork)
  • stick the photos which favorite songs album covers to cut board. (other friend’s artwork)
  • stick the CDs and earphone to board then connect a iPod to earphone and play the songs. (other friend’s artwork)

Many people choose ‘Music’ or ‘Dance’, so I choose ‘ my brain’ …….I’m so strange!!

↑<left>bace of artwork (cut board).<right>cut board and a pattern.

↑part of neck.(a cut board and a pattern)

↑Part of inside of the brain (news paper)

↑will be like this.

↑Parts of inside of the brain. printed out the articles of old newspaper to colour paper.

NEXT ARTICLE…about other materials of my artwork!!!

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