Workshop in Chadstone

Today, I went to Chadstone for work shop with friends and house mother.

Fashion collage creative workshop

This work shop is decoration the own Megan Hess fashion illustration by lots of materials.

I found this event at last night and I bought a ticket at today morning!!!! So, I’m so lucky!

We could use the ribbon, cloths, laces, fathers, etc.

Events staffs were so kind and taught me the how to stick/design.

Other participants made the originality and beautiful  art works.

I excited when decoration!!

(left) Megan Hess fashion illustration (right)My art work.

This event held at…

  • Sun 11 march 2012
  • Sat 17 march 2012
  • Sun 18 march 2012
  1. 11:00am
  2. 2:00pm

and, need a ticket ($20).

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  1. ワークショップ楽しかったようですね!


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