I like drawing but I like paper-cutting too.

(Left)I made at year 6. (right)I made at before start year 8 (holiday).

Paper-cutting is one of the method of  expression.

characteristic of ‘Paper-cutting’

  • Can replace the layers at after cutting and before stick.
  • Can express the different atmosphere with artworks of other method.

When I make these artwork, I always think about shade.

For example, please see right photo.

front colour paper is white, back colour paper is indigo.

I wanted express a sense of distance, so I used colour.

Front is light colour and back is dark colour.

This artwork is hommage of ’Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji : Under the Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa’.


  1. I like Hokusai paintings. One of the factors for the emergence of his work was the introduction of Prussian blue to the market, imported from the West. As a synthetic pigment, it is more lasting and it lowered the price enough that it became feasible to use the shade in prints for the first time


    1. Thanks Steven for the comment! Yes I agree, and this blue is often called Hokusai Blue in Japan – the pigment unleashed him to express the water and sky through its longevity of brightness and hue.


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